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  • Dennis Griffin

Neglecting Preventive Maintenance Can Void Your HVAC Equipment Warranty

If you’ve assumed that the warranty on your HVAC equipment for “x” amount of time guarantees protection no matter what if something goes wrong during that period, you’d better think again. The fact is, most manufacturers will not honor a warranty if the HVAC equipment has not been properly maintained to the warranty’s standards. If you haven’t kept up on recommended preventive maintenance, chances are you’ll be out of luck when something goes wrong, at least as far as your warranty is concerned.

HVAC equipment is like a new car. Both require proper oil and fluid changes and the recommended maintenance checks for optimal performance and efficiency. Ignoring HVAC preventive maintenance requirements is a sure way to jeopardize warranty coverage and shorten the life of your equipment.

Every warranty comes with conditions. Warranties are very carefully written by manufacturers to protect their own interests in addition to yours. Failure to perform regular PM will cause equipment to degrade and perhaps fail prematurely, and no HVAC manufacturer is willing to pay for owner neglect. Follow all warranty requirements and thoroughly document all PM from day one to avoid warranty disputes if equipment fails.

In addition to knowing your warranty’s preventive maintenance requirements, make sure you read and understand all of the fine print when you purchase new HVAC equipment. Many warranties will only cover replacement equipment or parts, leaving it to the owner to pay labor costs, which can become extremely high, when problems occur, so the value of the warranty should be part of your decision making process when considering purchase options.

Whether your HVAC equipment is brand new or it’s still chugging along after twenty years of service, PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. can’t stress enough the importance of preventive maintenance. Contact PJM today at 609-496-8696 for more information on selecting a comprehensive PM program that suits your building’s specific maintenance needs.



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