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  • Dennis Griffin

PJM Expert in VRF Service and Installation

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology is gaining ground as one of the fastest growing segments in the HVAC industry. Invented by Daikin in Japan in 1982 and common throughout Europe and Asia, VRF systems can efficiently and simultaneously heat and cool separate spaces in the same building for energy savings of 30% or more over traditional HVAC systems.

VRF systems utilize inverter-driven compressors to modulate the flow of heated or cooled refrigerant to individual units for on-demand comfort control. Significant energy savings are obtained through the ability to operate only at the needed flow rate, and by utilizing heat absorption output from one cooled space to provide heating for another. Large distribution fans are not needed in VRF systems, nor are chillers, boilers, piping, and pumps. Ductwork needs are minimal or eliminated altogether. VRF systems are extremely quiet, flexible, and provide superior load matching for increased comfort and dehumidification.

There are four main types of VRF systems: cooling-only, heat pump, heat recovery, and water source. A growing numbers of building owners are opting for VRF on new construction projects, and the technology is also a popular choice for retrofit applications when space is limited or where architectural or aesthetic integrity must be preserved.

PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc., is expert in VRF service and installation and can help owners considering installing a variable refrigerant system assess their building’s specific needs. For more information on VRF, contact us at 609-496-8696.



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