PJM Design/Build Team Meets Urgent Lab Exhaust Project Challenge

A food and beverage company reached out to PJM with a pressing problem on a lab renovation project. Various equipment that had been ordered for several laboratories on the premises called for specific exhaust systems that needed to be installed before the new equipment could go in. Delivery was expected soon and time was running short, so PJM’s design/build team and fabrication shop sprang to action.

Following a meeting with the client and thorough review of the lab equipment exhaust specifications, new exhaust fans were selected and ordered for expedited delivery. Our sheet metal shop went to work on fabricating custom stainless-steel ductwork and specialty fittings. Within six weeks, our D/B team had the new exhaust fans and ductwork fully installed.

Following installation of the new laboratory equipment, PJM started up and verified the new exhaust systems and readied them for commissioning. The laboratories were re-balanced to maintain the newly-required negative .05 in./WC static pressure to the surrounding corridors. Smoke pencils and video were utilized to validate the exhaust was working properly and had the capture velocity required. The tight deadline was met and the client was satisfied.

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PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a multi-faceted mechanical contractor providing construction and installation, service and maintenance, and design/build services in a comprehensive range of mechanical disciplines that include HVAC, plumbing, controls, refrigeration, custom metal fabrication, piping, fire protection, and backflow preventer testing. PJM primarily serves clients in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, institutional, and other various commercial and industrial sectors.

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