PJM Custom Fabrication Helps Expedite Projects

A rooftop air handling unit had failed at a central New Jersey hospital, and rapid replacement was urgently needed. A new unit was located and a PJM installation crew was ready for dispatch, but the roof curb posed a problem. A standard factory curb adapter would take at least ten days to arrive, and a rush order would take five days at significant added cost.

PJM’s solution: we custom-fabricated a curb adapter in our full state-of-the-art sheet metal shop, and the entire installation was completed within 72 hours, start to finish.

In addition to our sheet metal shop, PJM has an onsite pipe and weld shop, and both are fully-staffed by expert fabrication professionals. We custom fabricate a variety of HVAC and plumbing components of any size or complexity, including ductwork, curb adapters, transitions, condensate pans, etc., as well as carbon steel piping, fittings, process piping skids, welded fixtures, and more. Our onsite shops help keep projects on schedule and budgets in check, and enable us to expedite fast-track projects and emergency repairs that might otherwise be delayed due to unavailability. PJM’s fabrication team can provide on-site measuring and design assistance, or items can be fabricated to customer-provided specifications.

About PJM

PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a multi-faceted mechanical contractor providing construction and installation, service and maintenance, and design/build services in a comprehensive range of mechanical disciplines that include HVAC, plumbing, controls, refrigeration, custom metal fabrication, piping, fire protection, and backflow preventer testing. PJM primarily serves clients in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, institutional, and other various commercial and industrial sectors.

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