PJM Takes Holistic Approach on Fast-Track Chiller Replacement Project

A large central New Jersey R&D facility contracted with PJM Mechanical earlier this year to replace their old cooling system. The project involved removal of two outdoor packaged chillers and the addition of a new central utility plant for two new high-efficiency chillers with associated cooling towers. PJM took a holistic, total-care approach to the project to minimize problems and deliver a superior final product for the client.

The first step of the soup-to-nuts project was application of 3D building information modeling (BIM) to visualize and coordinate equipment installation and future accessibility. Work began with reclamation of refrigerant from the two 200-ton chillers, followed by disconnection, removal and recycling of the old units. Next, PJM added on a new CUP consisting of two 200-ton high-efficiency water-cooled chillers and two cooling towers. New chilled water and condenser water pumps and associated power and controls were installed, with placement determined by ease of access for maintenance personnel. New piping was tied to the existing system, and the entire chilled water loop was pressure tested, cleaned and flushed. Existing cooling coils and drain pans were cleaned, and new filters installed for maximum heat transfer and system cooling performance. The new and existing HVAC system were water balanced together, and start-up, controls and sequence of operation, along with alarm and failure modes, were tested and witnessed by the client.

Satisfied with the outcome of their project, owners of the R&D facility asked PJM to come back in the spring to check loads and verify that proper cooling was being provided throughout the facility. New and existing controls, sequence and mechanical systems were fine-tuned to maximize energy efficiency with the new chiller plant operation and the building it services. PJM will be returning in the fall at the client’s request to assess the facility’s heating and plumbing systems.

About PJM

PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a multi-faceted mechanical contractor providing construction and installation, service and maintenance, and design/build services in a comprehensive range of mechanical disciplines that include HVAC, plumbing, controls, refrigeration, custom metal fabrication, piping, fire protection, and backflow preventer testing. PJM primarily serves clients in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, institutional, and other various commercial and industrial sectors.

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