Boost Boiler Efficiency

In years past, when fuel was relatively inexpensive and emissions were of little concern, manufacturers were producing large, low-cost boilers that utilized basic technology and were largely inefficient. As energy costs rose and users recognized the need for better efficiency, significant advances have been made in boiler design.

Boiler Replacement

Today’s boilers feature improved coil and heat transfer technology, sophisticated microprocessor-based controls, and BAS integration. Multiple small, high-efficiency boilers are increasingly being used to replace large, inefficient models. Most boiler replacements qualify for tax incentives or rebates from local, state, or federal agencies.

Increasing Efficiency of Existing Boilers

If replacing a boiler is not in your capital budget, users can look into add-on technology, such as meters, water-side economizers, high-efficiency replacement burner trays, and upgraded control packages, which can increase the efficiency of their existing boiler. Boiler retro-commissioning can identify and address areas of energy inefficiency through testing and data analysis.

Boiler Maintenance and Service

Regular preventive maintenance is essential to the efficient operation of a boiler. Most importantly, it should be kept as clean as possible. Personnel should be properly trained on boiler maintenance and operation and should have working knowledge of today’s high-tech boiler control systems. For installation, service, retrofit, and maintenance, it is very important to use an experienced contractor like PJM that is knowledgeable in both old oil-, gas-, and dual-fired boilers as well as sophisticated new high-efficiency models.

About PJM

PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a multi-faceted mechanical contractor providing construction and installation, service and maintenance, and design/build services in a comprehensive range of mechanical disciplines that include HVAC, plumbing, controls, refrigeration, custom metal fabrication, piping, fire protection, and backflow preventer testing. PJM primarily serves clients in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare, institutional, and other various commercial and industrial sectors.

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