PJM provides highest-quality prefabricated ductwork, carbon steel pipe, and fittings of all sizes for rapid pickup, delivery, or installation. All items are professionally fabricated in our full state-of-the art shop using provided specifications, or PJM can provide on-site measuring and design assistance. Our expert team of fabrication professionals are prepared to address a wide assortment of complex projects.


PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is fully certified to perform backflow preventer testing and certification and can assist customers with all BFP maintenance and repair needs. Periodic inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices is strictly regulated by local, state and federal agencies. At minimum, BFP testing should be performed annually, and may be required as frequently as every three months depending on the facility.


PJM provides a range of sewer and drain services including:

  • Video Inspection

  • Water Jetting

  • Sewer & Storm Drain Cleaning

PJM can locate problem areas, clogs, obstructions, leaks and broken or deteriorated pipes with pinpoint accuracy using our state-of-the-art camera and recording equipment. We provide mechanical sewer and storm drain cleaning methods as well as water-jetting, which powers away obstructions and scours pipes to restore full, free-flowing capacity without the use of chemicals. PJM offers 24/7 emergency service.


PJM offers the services of our 22-ton boom truck and licensed crane operator for our clients’ hoisting needs. Our boom truck is suitable for lifting small to mid-sized rooftop units, associated HVACR equipment, materials, and supplies to the roofs of small office buildings or warehouses. Please consider our services for your next lift. 

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Plumbing Lic. #7969 | HVAC Lic. #19HC00113011 | MBE Cert. #72727-21

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