Common Causes of Water Hammer in Steam Systems

Water hammer is a troublesome but commonly-occurring issue that can plague a steam system. The most obvious symptom is the hammer-like noise it creates, but, when left unchecked, water hammer can cause serious damage to vents, traps, regulators, and piping. There are two types of water hammer. The most common type is usually due to an accumulation of condensate trapped in a portion of horizontal piping. Steam picks up the resulting water “slug” and hurls it into the nearest pipe fitting at high velocity. The second type is caused by a steam bubble forming or being pushed into a wet return line or pump discharge piping. When the bubble cools, it implodes with great force. Some common c

Heat Pipe Saves Energy at R&D Lab, Lowers Costs

Building owners have multiple choices for saving and recapturing energy, each with advantages and disadvantages, including heat recovery wheels, air-to-air heat exchangers, glycol runaround loops, and heat pipes. Heat pipes are thermal transfer devices capable of transferring heat and energy several hundred times faster than conventional methods. They are highly efficient, relatively inexpensive, require no energy, have no moving parts, no chance for cross contamination, and little to no maintenance is required. Heat pipes can be installed with new air handling units, or retrofit to existing units. They are frequently used on 100% outside air systems. A traditional heat pipe is a vacuum-tigh

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