Electrical Terminations in HVAC & Controls

When electrical issues occur in HVAC and controls, the problem can often be traced to loose, over-tightened, or corroded connections. It is important to resolve electrical problems promptly to avoid negative effects that can range from mere annoyance, to costly equipment failure and downtime, to catastrophic fire. All electrical connections begin to deteriorate at installation, and they can be further compromised by factors like vibration, fatigue, environmental conditions, or faulty installation. Re-tightening terminals is often prescribed as a preventative measure, but in doing so it is important to avoid excessive contact pressure, which can create or compound problems. Faulty connections

Humidification System Maintenance for Specialized Environments

Humidification plays an important part in our lives. Besides the obvious benefits it provides for our physical health and comfort, humidification is used to prevent damage to electronic equipment, furniture, wood floors, and various other objects and materials. Properly-controlled relative humidity (RH) levels are crucial in specialized environments such as computer rooms (to control static electricity), operating rooms (for staff and patient comfort and to reduce the risk of infection), environmental chambers (to aid in research and development), and printing facilities (to control moisture content in paper), and the humidification systems used in these environments require specialized atte

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