Large Machine, Small Opening: Complex AHU Project Requires Disassembly, Reassembly

Installing an air handling unit is never a simple undertaking. But on a AHU replacement project at a prominent New Jersey university, PJM was faced with an exceptional challenge in that access to the building was limited to a 6’ x 6’8” doorway. Creating new or enlarging existing openings was not an option, necessitating the intricate and difficult task of disassembling the massive 45,000 CFM unit and reassembling it in place. To further complicate matters, time was of the essence to complete the project in order to minimize interruption to the building’s critical daily operations. The AHU was delivered in four sections – a mixing box, an energy recovery wheel, a fan section and a steam coil

Reverse Osmosis vs. Deionization

There are a number of processes that can be used to purify water, but two of the most common methods for industrial and commercial applications are reverse osmosis and deionization. What is Reverse Osmosis? The best way to explain reverse osmosis, or RI, is to first define osmosis. Using pure water and saltwater as examples, osmosis is a spontaneous process in which molecules of a low-concentrate solution (pure water) will move through a semi-permeable membrane into a higher-concentrated solution (saltwater), equalizing the solute (salt) concentration on both sides. Reverse osmosis is the opposite process in which enough pressure is applied to the higher-concentrate (salt) solution to coun

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