BAS Trend Logging Pinpoints Problems at NJ Medical Facility

PJM was called in by a New Jersey hospital with a 100% outside air DX system to diagnose problems. The hospital was experiencing elevated temperatures on high-temperatures design-days, and attempts by the facilities staff to address the issue with the equipment and building controls manufacturers only resulted in finger-pointing between the two factions. PJM stepped in and determined that trend logging was just the diagnostic tool needed to get to the root of the problem. Trend logging is a powerful method of diagnosis in which building or system parameters are recorded at regular intervals over a period of time, usually several days to a week, to identify irregular patterns and anomalies. R

PJM Takes Holistic Approach on Fast-Track Chiller Replacement Project

A large central New Jersey R&D facility contracted with PJM Mechanical earlier this year to replace their old cooling system. The project involved removal of two outdoor packaged chillers and the addition of a new central utility plant for two new high-efficiency chillers with associated cooling towers. PJM took a holistic, total-care approach to the project to minimize problems and deliver a superior final product for the client. The first step of the soup-to-nuts project was application of 3D building information modeling (BIM) to visualize and coordinate equipment installation and future accessibility. Work began with reclamation of refrigerant from the two 200-ton chillers, followed by

Compressor Killers: Don't Fall Victim Twice

Compressors, like everything else that is man made, can fail, and replacement usually comes at a very high cost. “Compressor failure”, however, cannot be considered a diagnosis in-and-of itself. In an estimated nine out of ten cases, compressor failure occurs as a direct result of issues found elsewhere in the system. If a compressor is replaced without determining and correcting the root cause of the failure, the new equipment is extremely likely to fail as well. Lack of lubrication is the single most common cause of compressor failure, and there are a number of root causes for oil loss. One problem that can lead to lubrication issues is incorrectly-sized piping on split systems, which can

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