A Manufacturer Warranty is No Guarantee if Terms & Conditions are Not Followed to the Letter

Buyers beware: most manufacturers will only honor a warranty on your HVAC equipment if it has been properly maintained. If you haven’t kept up on recommended preventive maintenance, chances are you’ll be out of luck when something goes wrong, at least as far as your warranty is concerned. Think of your new HVAC equipment in the same way you would a new car. Both require proper oil and fluid changes and the recommended maintenance checks for optimum performance and efficiency. Ignoring PM requirements is a sure way to jeopardize warranty coverage, not to mention shortening the life of your purchase. Never assume that a warranty comes free. Warranties are very carefully written by manufacturer

Refrigerants: Ozone Depletion, Global Warming, the Montreal Protocol, and What it All Means for Your

September 16, 2017, marked the 30 year anniversary of the original Montreal Protocol, an international treaty that phases out substances that deplete the ozone layer. Use of CFC refrigerants is now banned in the U.S., and the phase-out of HCFCs is now in its final stage; new production and import of HCFCs will cease in 2020. Replacing these HCFCs in new equipment and for system retrofit are many new HFC and HFC-blend refrigerants that include R-410A and R-407C. When the first stage of the Montreal Protocol took effect in 1987, most countries were primarily concerned with ozone depletion potential (ODP); global warming potential (GWP) was scarcely on the radar. First-generation CFCs like R-11

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