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PJM Mechanical is adopting the
UA Standard For Excellence

Patrick J. Mosner founded PJM Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in 1983 after numerous years of working in the industry. Now with well over 25 years experience and more than 80 employees PJM’s clients have come to expect nothing less than Superior Service, Quality, & Commitment from PJM and we have delivered.  
  All of us at PJM accomplish this by building strong relationships with our clients and delivering superior customer service. Throughout every project, from initial contact through scheduling, execution of work, choosing the right materials, to choosing the right staff and subcontractors, we work hard to identify your project needs, and then meet or exceed your expectations.

PJM's capable management team led by Patrick Mosner, the original founder, supervises the direction of all projects. While key management personnel have a combined tenure of over a century of experience, a more telling statistic is the longevity of employees throughout all levels of the organization. Many of our employees have over twenty years of dedication, a true testament to the strong work environment at PJM and one of the key reasons our company has been so successful to date.

  At PJM we have a reputation for performing the difficult tasks, while working on the fast track. Our commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Excellence has contributed to our continued and growing success within the Industry.